The Beauty of Tradition in Daily Life

Kishu Lacquerware

Uruwashi-Kan, the Traditional Kishu Lacquerware Industry Center


Uruwashi Kan is full of information on lacquerware, including a Kishu Lacquerware exhibition room, Kishu Lacquerware sales corner, and a lacquerware reference room.

Lacquerware exhibition, Sales corner (1F)

Exhibition room (2F)

Jumbo lacquerware prepared each year.

Facility Overview

1F Lacquerware exhibition, Sales corner, Tourism information corner
2F Training room 1 (video viewing), exhibition room
3F Maki-e hands-on experience room
Hours 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Center Closed Obon holiday, End of the Year and New Year holidays
Admission free
Parking lot (free) For three large buses and five cars

Access Map

Approx. five minutes by car from JR Kainan Station, approx. 20-minute walk from JR Kuroe Station
Approx. five minutes by car from Kainan IC on Hanwa Expressway
Approx. five minutes by car from Marina City
Approx. five-minute walk from Kuroe bus stop of Wakayama Bus